Buy to Save, Share to Earn

Fingo is a new online shopping marketplace application platform originating from China. Fingo has its headquarters in China, where the marketing of its products is focused on the Southeast Asian region.

Malaysia was the first country to be introduced to the Fingo application, then overtaking Singapore and most recently Thailand. Soon to follow Indonesia, of course

What is Fingo?

Fingo is a global social e-commerce application, which its quality-assured merchandises are carefully selected from all over the world by a professional buyer team. Fingo aims to work with social media and social activists to introduce the concept of “Borderless Better Life” globally, sharing market opportunities of the Internet era and utilizing the globalization wave, and hence achieve a win-win situation. Becoming a member of Fingo allows you to enjoy multiple benefits, you may buy high-quality products at reasonable prices, share good products to earn extra income during your free time. If you work hard, you can even easily earn tens of thousands a month. Buy to save, share to earn.

Who can join Fingo?

Everyone can join Fingo! All of us have a consumer need and no matter wherever we buy, we always demand for the best products at a most reasonable price. In Fingo, you can buy the world’s premium goods carefully selected by Fingo’s professional buyer team to ensure that every penny you spend is worth it. Fingo will even return a consumer a cashback rebate if you confirm receipt of the goods.

Even more exciting, Fingo has introduced an attractive marketing plan, which allows you to invite others to become members and gradually form your own consumer community. Other than the referral bonus, Fingo’s member can also earn an extra bonus income when their consumer community purchases any other products on Fingo.

For housewives, they can get an extra income while taking care of their family at home.

For students, they can make extra pocket money every day by sharing good products after school and developing a consumer or member community during their friends gathering time.

If you happened to be a Facebook or Instagram influencer, Fingo’s global selected products will be your solution to turn internet flows into hard cash, all you will need to do is to share. Fingo will help you solve all the problems including the product sourcing, procurement, delivery and after-sales!

It does not matter whether you are a driver, a salesman, a nurse, a clerk or any other occupational worker, Fingo will always be your strongest backup, solving all problems you face and always offer an extra income channel to those who are willing to share!

"I wish to join Fingo, but I am not good at selling products"

What should I do?

It is not important that you are not good in selling products as Fingo is the one who is selling. You are just an ambassador sharing out good products. What you may do is you can buy the products you need on Fingo and share your after-use experience on your social platform, telling the most authentic product experiences of yours to the people around you. Fingo take our customer experiences seriously and hence it’s our priority to make sure that every penny our consumer spend is worth it and the goods they receive a premium quality.

Fingo full categories merchandise can basically meet your daily consumer needs and hence when you share a Fingo’s merchandise on a social platform, you are not only promoting a product to your friends, but also introducing them a brand new online shopping experience.

You can also join Fingo’s official community. Fingo regularly organizes various kind of training courses to help new members to grow. In these Fingo’s community and courses, you can learn how to select potential viral products, how to build and maintain your own community, how to customize a marketing strategy for different community with different attributes, and etc. Moreover, Fingo is committed into helping our members to solve all our members concerns! You can always tell Fingo’s support team about the problems you face. Fingo’s support team will always be at your service as your problem is our problem!



You will get an affordable price, because fingo works directly with the brand owner and there will be a VIP price for fingo members



Becoming a Fingo Member is very easy, members get discounted prices and income from total personal spending and total group shopping.



The product is Guaranteed Original because it is directly from the company, the product has gone through rigorous testing and selection, International valid guarantee.


Led by Alibaba’s former TOP executives to create a fresh, legalised fund capital leading investment of new generation S2B2C crowd-sourcing distribution platform; Provide superior quality goods from T-mall flagship and Taobao overseas store, highest cost-effective for all sort of people to join as enterpreneuer and achieve entrepreneurial opportunities.

Utilising Facebook, Instagram,Whatsapp and WeChat to create a Sales oriented and Sharing ecosystem, by purchase any RM199 gift packages join as VIP member, invite friends, Share the business can get a generous income. Truly realize through self-purchase, save money & share to earn. Help all members buy value-added goods than usual without leaving their homes, and gain the opportunity to start a business to realize their financial freedom!

Provide One-Stop Pre-sale, after-sales, customer service, logistics and other services, without hoarding compaction. To provide VIP members with ZERO (0) risk of light entrepreneurial opportunities.


Is the Top Management which already has more than 10 years experience occupying important positions in the Alibaba Group.

Messi Wang Nan, Messi has extensive experience and diverse expertise in direct sales and supply chain management in e-commerce. Coupled with in-depth knowledge of the supply chain and direct sales membership structure and the mechanism to direct Fingo into superior e-commerce – the direct sales business model, combined.

Jack Yi, Jack has a lot of experience in sales management, internet advertising, and e-commerce skills. During his tenure at the Alibaba Group, Jack has been involved in a number of strategies and innovative development.

Yundong Liu, Liu specializes in merchant management and online stores. He is an expert in online store management especially in the fields of marketing, advertising and attracting online traffic. His expertise helps the YouZiMeiYi fashion brand to reach annual sales of 300 million yuan.

FINGO is also financially supported by a large investment group from Japan (Softbank Group founder and CEO – Masayoshi Son) who also supports Alibaba and Yahoo. According to the CEO of FINGO Malaysia, this investment group has provided funds for promotional purposes and has grown FINGO for the next 10 years, one of which can be seen in the form of promotion of goods sold at FINGO in the form of Flash Sale.

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